Fishing equipment

The choice of equipment to start fishing is made according to the
fishing distance and the place of practice.

Above all, you must have the most essential tool to be able to
fish, namely: the fishing rod. It can be described as a rigid rod, of variable
length, with a flexible end most often made of bamboo, composite material,

If you’re having trouble finding the right rod, the best solution
is to buy a second-hand rod, which will save you money. Buying a used
fishing rod has many advantages, especially since the rod will not serve you
all year round.

To fish at the edge

If you wish to fish at the water’s edge, you will have to use a

It is a simple rod to which you will have to attach a line
consisting of a float and a hook.

To fish further

If you wish to catch bigger fish or if you fish further from the
shore, you will need to use a rod with a reel.

If you are fishing in freshwater or at sea, you can use a set line
or a lure with this rod.

On this rod, other components are mounted, such as a line, spoon
and bait or reel and hook. There are a wide variety of reels, but the drum reel
is by far the most popular among anglers. In addition to the bait are the lures
that are used for fishing for predators for example.

The use of a landing net is controlled by different reasons, one of
which is fishing, so-called no-kill in order not to hurt the fish. As far as
clothing is concerned, the angler must have waterproof clothing that allows him
to move forward in the water to reach areas rich in fish.

For shallow waters, waders may be sufficient. They are held in
place with straps or simply attached to the belt. Sometimes in deep enough
water, the waders are not suitable and waders or fishing pants should be used.
Most of the time, it is the fly fishermen who use them, which allows them to
advance quite far in the water.

The height of the waders can go from the belly to the chest.
Jackets and gloves are also recommended to combine comfort and efficiency.
Ponchos and caps are available for protection from rain or sunlight.

Types of equipment

Fishing requires adapted equipment and to avoid going home
empty-handed, you might as well have it in your possession. The choice of the
equipment used must correspond to the type of fishing you want to practice:
recreational, sport or industrial fishing.

Commercial exploitation requires sophisticated equipment such as
nets, motorised dredges, large trawlers, etc. In this article, the focus will
be on the equipment needed for recreational or sport fishing.

The types of fishing rods used include jigging rods, including
telescopic and socket rods. Then, there are ring rods such as English or
Italian rods. Then there are the rods for lapping and finally the casting rods.
Famous brands are Daiwa, Pezon & Michel, …

Concerning the reels, we find the Match reel, the center pin reel,
the casting reel or the sea reel. For quality reels, choose the brands:
Mitchell, Sert, Okuma, Shimano. Clothes are made by Rapala, Caperlan, ragot,
Daiwa. Among the various lures, the most popular is the spinning spoon followed
by the waving spoon.

There is also a variety of sizes and colours for the lures. Proven
brands are Suissex, Mepps and Rublex. Bait is made from fish food and can be
used for example with maggots and worms.