Capital bait becomes capital pike

When fishing with natural baits, Sven Müller went for a real pike on the hook.

Quantum team angler Sven Müller was lucky enough to be able to open his fishing year 2016 with a big pike. He had driven together with John Chowns, Matthias Melchior and Oliver Krage to an approximately 18-acre quarry. Target fish of the trip was the pike. The conditions played along and the four were greeted by the sun and a gentle breeze. Already after 20 minutes of fishing time Sven could hook a great fish. The attack was over and the Quantum team angler immediately said “This is a good one!” After spectacular drilling, John Chowns was able to nibble the huge pike. The measuring tape stopped at 120 centimeters, which meant a new personal record for the angler. The fishermen did not have a scale with them, estimating the fish to be 15-17 kg in weight. Sven used a Quantum Pike Shooter as a rod, combined with a # 50 size smoke roll and a 35 lb braid line. The lure was a dragged roach of about 30 centimeters in length on the Wikam system.