Pike monster from Vereinssee

Quantum test angler Bari Latifi caught a real pike monster in his club lake.

Shortly before the New Year, an unusual catch caused a sensation in the international fishing scene: Quantum test angler Bari Latifi drove his new Belly boat to a small German club lake to pike with his bait of confidence, the Quantum Pelagic Shad in the color “Game Over” to fish. However, as the wind picked up unexpectedly, the skilled predator angler spontaneously decided to exchange his Belly boat for a safe boat.

When he was on the water again a few hours later, it was clear what the effort to change the pedestal had been good for. A huge bite ripped through his jerkbait rod and made the experienced angler tremble. It quickly became clear that this could not be an ordinary fish. Only after about 20-minute fight, the fish was beaten and a real pike monster came to light. With trembling legs Bari finally managed to hoist the 129-centimeter long giant hake into the boat.

Quantum team angler Fredrik Harbort, the inventor of the Pelagic shad and the 35-gram PelaJig head used, is speechless: “I knew that sooner or later this special bait would be responsible for a new record catch. I have even seen pikes up to over 130 centimeters live, but the pike monster of Bari is in terms of fish mass with no other fish to compare, I have ever seen. Without a doubt it must be one of the heaviest pikes ever caught in Germany. ” On the basis of the length and the enormous scope estimated specialists Baris Hecht to 22 to 25 kilograms in weight.