Sweepstakes – guess what!


Take part in our competition “Guess it” and win a Jenzi spinning combination.

Now winter has arrived. Almost everywhere, freezing air blows through the area and makes life rather difficult for anglers. Not to mention the predatory fish seasons, which make fishing in public waters completely impossible. But there is hope! Trout lakes! There are no seasons and many plants, the water is kept ice-free by bubbler, so Father Frost has no chance to make us anglers a dash through the bill. So who from the withdrawal sweat from the forehead runs, shaky hands determine the everyday happenings and bad mood is on the agenda, which should make sure to the trout lake. Because that’s where you get healing!

Now for the competition: Jenzi and we are giving away a 2016 spinning combination, consisting of the new Black Slash Pro Spin spinning rod and the new Tycoon Spin FX 2500 reel. The rod has a length of 2.10 meters and a casting weight of 6 to 18 grams. About the new extra thin rod blank, the Black Slash Pro Spin rod is very light. She weighs just 80 grams. Nevertheless, it is very robust, so that even larger fish can be safely gekrillt.

Also on the Tycoon Spin FX 2500 roll attention was paid to lightweight construction. Through the slender reel body and through the lightweight aluminum spool, the 2500er reel weighs 270 grams. And here, too, care was taken that she loses none of her power. Sturdy reel body, reinforced bail arm, high-quality anti-twist line roller and the total of six quality ball bearings, make the Tycoon Spin FX 2500 a lightweight and sturdy role that will bring a lot of fun on the water.

The new Tycoon Spin FX 2500 is a lightweight and sturdy roll for modern spinning fishing.

The spinning combination is ideal for trout fishing due to its size and the average rod action. Artificial baits such as wobblers, rubber fish, spinners as well as dough and bee maggots can be thrown and guided well on the Sbirolino. In the drill, you then have with the combo the fish safely under control, and not the fish you.

So, now you certainly want to know how to win this combination? Appreciate the weight of the rainbow trout Gregor Bradler holds in front of the camera. Both grams and kilograms are counted. Write your estimate with the keyword “Jenzi” : info@angeln.de
The deadline for entries is January 22, 2016.
A little tip: The exact weight in grams is four digits!

How big is the rainbow trout that Gregor Bradler holds in his hands?

From all participants a winner will be drawn randomly, who can look forward to the spinning combination. If several correct answers are given, a lucky one is selected from the correct estimate by lottery and then notified by mail. We and the company Jenzi wish all participants good luck!

The legal process is excluded. A cash payment is not possible. The shipping of the profit succeeds over the company Jenzi.